Our Trees

The trees on this list will be offered to our patrons. Keep in mind that there are many different varieties within some species of trees and will be planted to match their environmental conditions and have a life span of 100 years or more.

In the future we will be adding trees to our current tree selection such as Cedar, Pine and Black Walnut to name a few.

Our list of trees will constantly evolve as we do.

Western Larch

larix occidetalis - deciduous coniferous

Lifespan can be up to 1000 years. Beautiful, unique and colorful and one of the conifers that loses it needles.

Giant Sequoia

sequoidendron giganteum

Sole living species in genus Sequoiadendron - Endangered. Lifespan over 3000 years. The Tule River Native Americans call them the Ancient Ones.

Maidenhair Tree

ginkgo biloba - deciduous conifer

Endangered. Lifespan up to 3500 years. Only living species in the division Ginkophyta. Known as a living fossil, which survived the Hiroshima nuclear bomb.

Monkey Puzzle

araucaria araucana - conifer

Lifespan of 1000 years. Endangered. Known as a living fossil.

Japanese Cedar

cryptomeria japonica - conifer

One species. Lifespan of 2000 years. Near threatened. Sacred tree planted around temples/shrines.

Dawn Redwood

metasequoia glyptostroboidesof

Lifespan of 600 years plus ancient genus that loses its leaves in the Fall. Deciduous conifer and sole living species - thought to be extinct.

Black Walnut

Juglans Nigra

Life span often is well beyond 200 years.  This tree has been called our best friend in times of war and peace.
Western Hemlock

Tsuga heterophylla

Lives over 1200 years  Large evergreen coniferous tree "Tsunami" world's tallest discovered 2011     273.75 f
California Sycamore 

Platanus racemosa

Lifespan, 400 years.  The "Holy Sycamore "in Egyptian times is said to connect the worlds between the dead and the living.
Sitka Spruce

Picea Sitchensis 

500 ---700 years. Although in pioneer times bigger specimens believed to exist, the Greeks believed the spruce tree represented eternal life and was labelled "The Tree of Birth".